martes, 24 de agosto de 2010


Hello Classmates.
In this oportunity My post is about of musical’s events. Usually I go to see bands with my friend. This musical’s group are tribute bands of Red hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, the Beatles, Incubus , classic rock. etc. . Also see bands the other kind of music for example Chico Trujillo and similar bands, Chancho en piedra or Ska . Obviosly The music that I like it.
But the event that I remember was “Youth Day” made by the INJUV of the goverment Chile in Mapocho Station. This it was on Augost 15,2009 and in this oportunity I had freepass. In addition, the bands played was Sonora Baron, De Saloon and Los Bunkers. The perfect mix =). I’m fans of De saloon and Los Bunkers, Because of this, I decided to go to event . So, I enjoyed this event: I sang every songs until to I was lost the voice, to danced and jump so much.
I remember that day before was the Isabel bday and I celebrate her birthday all night in Galpon 9 with my friends. This day rained so much, and we arrived to party very soaked. So the next day I was a few sick and tired. But this it wasn’t impediment for to go a “Youth Day. Also, Anybody wanted to go with me, because this day was very cold. But my friends Silvana or Bannana called me, because she wanted to go. ” I played my Favourites bands I couldn’t miss.
Was a perfect day.
I hope your comment.
See ya!

martes, 17 de agosto de 2010


Hi classmatess, the something the most exciting for me that I would like to do is bungee jumping , but I have never done before. This xtreme activity always has call me atention, because I love to feel vertigo and this empty sensation that it produce the height.Whenever I'm in high places, makes me want to throw. Then create music that has through the bungee, I can launch into a kind of sucicidio controlled, and so feel all that adrenaline. However, when I tryed I cannot jump, because the jump’s instructor didn’t let me, I because he was not in my best shape to jump. I was missing muscles in my thorax and the jump could be dange. Moreover, my doctor has the same opinion. So, the only thing I do is to exercise more.
I think that this experience will be positive for me, because it allow me to release energy and tension. I’m the kind people that Enjoy and I feel very relax after of Fantasilandia. So the bungee will be very good for my soul. The jump from the height is the more important for me, because I believe that you have in hands of the nature, because of this, my option for to jump is the brigde in the Cajon del Maipo.
There are people as my family that they believe that i'm crazy. I think, that this experience let you to feel alive.

This is the something more exciting for my, I hope your comment.
See you in the FaU.