miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

Bicycle (8)

Hi Classmates!
One of my favourite free time activities is to take a ride on my bicycle through anywhere. Today I use a mountain bike. I explain this it, because reviously used another type of bicycle. The story is following:
Always I ride on bicycle. I do it without wheels little from three years approximately. But I when had eleven until fourteen years old I practiced jumps in my “bicicross” with my friends and we met every day after class in the park of airport near a our houses that it had a excellent surface and good slope for to jump. I loved this activity, because was a practice very adrenaline, active and outdoor, because of this, I started this activity and I can’t leave my bike.
After, the school took up so much of my time. I left my bicicross- I sold it! =( . But I ride in my mountain bike in my free time since then.
All Saturdays I take my bike and I going out anywhere. When I have little time I’m going The Renca’s hill, airport of Pudahuel or Instrustrial’s Park of Quilicura. And in another situation, for example in the summer, I am going to Noviciado, Cajon del Maipo or anywhere.
This practice is very good. I love it because is a activity in outdoors and is good for your body and soul.

I hope your comments...

see you in the FAU.

sábado, 24 de abril de 2010


Hi Classmates!
Really, since long time that I haven't seen a movie that I loved it. But two weeks ago, I saw The Pianist , for the third time. That's my favorite movie ... but this moment does not count as in recent... no?. So, I going to talk of one film that I saw in January this year that is" the best movie I've seen recently". This film is "My Sister's Keeper"
“My Sister’s Keeper “is a adaptation from the novel of the same title of the American's writer Jodi Picoult. This American drama film was directed by Nick Cassavetes- the same director of romantic film “The notebook”- was premiered in 2009. This film tells the story an eleven year old girl who presents an appeal for emancipation from their parents. The reason is none other than the girl was conceived to try to save her sister with leukemia, because of this; since she was born always she has been subjected to clinical trials to cure her sister. Cameron Diaz, plays the mother of the girls and also a former defense attorney who she will be forced to return to court to defend herself against her own daughter that demand his rights about her body. The story is seen from many points of view, which makes it interesting and intense
This Movie is starring for Cameron Diaz, Abigail Breslin, Sofia Vassilieva, and Alec Baldwin. All have appeared in previous films and some recognized as Cameron Diaz and Abigail for her performance in Signs with Mel Gibson,
I hope your opinion.

miércoles, 14 de abril de 2010

My Experience

Hi classmates! =)
All know that happen the last 27 of February in our country: The fifth highest earthquake in the World’s history.
At the half past three in that morning I was in my house and I was awake, because that day I went out with my friends, but I didn’t go… So I watched of the repetition of Festival’s Viña while I talked with my sister. I remember that I said her “I’ll not let you to sleep” and started the tremor… Also my parents were in the house, but they were sleeping and my mother was very fear.
In the earthquake, exactly in the tremor intensive, I felt very adrenaline and I felt a little nervous because my mother and sister cried so much and I tried to calm down them with my father.
I think that Chilean responded to the disaster was so good, because many people helped to others of different forms. But I think that the responded was slow, because the system institutional is very bureaucratic.
What do you think?
See you in the FAU.

miércoles, 7 de abril de 2010


Hi Classmates,
The topic today is the technology...

Well, the computer with Internet is my favourite piece of technology: My notebook exactly. I don't want to discriminate to my desktop computer that I has accompanied me for a long time...But my notebook is more handy and commode.
I used it for first time when I had eleven years old in sixth grade of Basic Education in my school as part of teaching's program. I must admit that I didn't like to use the computer at that time, because I didn't understand so much its intangible world and the teacher put me a note when using the PC. So wasn't so funny. However, it gave me very curious the programs of pc and internet. I thought that it was thing of science fiction. And also, I liked. We had a sort of love-hate with the computer...=p
I like the notebook, because it easy me the job, study with actual information and permit me to be connected to my friends who are far away or who for our schedule we cannot see forever.
The life would be a bit complicated without it. Because we wouldn't have easy to access an all kinds of information like today and perhaps it will eventually lose communication with the people we have away. And I would feel disconnected from the world...

See you in the FAU.