martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010

Fiestas Patrias as a Child

Hi Classmates!
September is my favourite month always and I've enjoyed the most at each stage of my life. Each Fiestas Patrias I do different activities with my family. But my favourite is when I had six or seven years old. I don’t remember exactly. But I remember is that I went to Lomas Lo Aguirre and near places for to rise comets or Volantines with my father and cousins, because my mother and aunts prepared the picnic. Those moments were really good, because I played all day and how the place was a landscape with forest and hill. So, I explored the surroundings with my cousins. Once we forgot the hour for return to the cars where stayed the pic-nic , and was very exiting because at six it was already dark and we felt how on a horror movie. Also, was fun to rise comets. My dad taught me when I was very little. So I was good. Unfortunately I Forgot. Today, is different how I spend the partys, because the celebrate begin before of the eighteen day with my friends. I go in the night to events tipicals, sometimes with my family or my friends. And sometimes I feel that I spend less time with the family. Sometimes I spend only one or two days with them. Not how was before.
When you are kid you enjoy with simple things. I think this it shouldn't lost. And I try to share those occasions more with family.
See you in the fau.

jueves, 9 de septiembre de 2010


Hi Classmates and teacher,
I hope you are fain. There’s be a long time since last time that we see us in the blog.
In this opportunity I’m going to talk about the student demonstrations in Strike. This topic is complicate for me, because I took part in the past with the well-know ‘Revolution’s Penguin’. In this occasion we, the students, protested about LOCE and the bad quality’s education across of occupation of schools, marches the ministry, canvas painting and to assisted to assemblies, etc.I remember working hard for this cause, but the results were not many. Because of this, when today see in my Faculty the different forms that my classmates fight for their rights I understand their position, but also I know that not all people participate in the cause and prefer keep in their house for study or job. So, I'm not totally agree. However, I disagree with the violent repression against students. I refer specifically to the police to attack fellow FAU during the second week of September, where, the police used lacrimogen gas to inside of Faculty and many classrooms was affected; for example, the teacher’s room was damage.
I believe, that I not participate more in student’s strike, because I feel sad this injustice.
I hope your comment.
See you in the FAU