martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

Ideal Job

Hi Classmates!
Today I’m going to talk about my ideal job.
If I could choose any job, I would choose History’s Teacher, because The history is very insteresrting for me. Therefore, this it most easy for teach to others for me and I like this two areas.

I would enjoy this job : First, because before I have worked as Teacher of History, and this experience was fantastic. Second, I like talk so much about History and third I feel that I have vocation for to teach. In fact, Since I was young –twelve years old- I helped a groups of students stay after school for extra classes in something, because they was having difficulties in that subject or are lagging behind for some reason, for recomedation of my teacher. This it, I had fun.

Teach would it be a satisfying job to do for me, because I would can to be that I want to do. This it is to transmit my knowledge in History and Now as Geographer to new generations, and show them the reallity of our society of a different form and with this Children can to out of school with a opinion, that Today all estudents haven’t. If I could obtain this it, I have been satisfactory for me.

I known several History’s Teacher who are a excellents profesionals with vocation, because of this, my education in this discipline was very good and I end love to History.

I know that the teachers haven’t a good salary, but this Isn’t important for me, while I do that I like.
See you.

martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

Famous Person

Hi class
I would like to meet to Rowling or JK Rowling, because I love her Harry Potter’s Saga. In fact, when I had ten years old I read out for a sense of duty of the school always, but thanks to JK, I started reading for my own accord. In addition the life story of this woman writer is very interesting, because she was an unemployed teacher, divorced with a baby that in a train’s travel from Manchester up to London in 1990, she had the idea the story about an orphan boy who had magical powers and went to a school of magic.
Before to speak with Jo, is most probably that I ask her to autograph my favorite book: Harry Potter and the Deathly of Hallows, although this hear loser. Well, if I would meet to Jk, I would like to talk with her about how she had all this ideas for to make an attractive story. Obviously, she had for her studies known the literature, mythology and Celtic, but I I would like to know the process that she had to build an entire world. Also, I would ask her about what she feels when she sold to Warner Brothers her characters and what kind the book going to write now.
I think meeting with Rowling would be interesting, because I’m fans of her creation and I interest so much her capacity for to create a world different that it can to entertain children as adults, because across her story she gets you out of reality for a moment. This isn’t easy.

martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

perfect day.

Hello Classmates.

My first idea, was the same that Estefa: that my favourite( band Red Hot Chili Peppers ) come to Chile and play all my favourites songs. But isn't original

I've lived my perfect day. I like the open places, very green and the sunshine days !. So a big park with big trees or field with a beautiful landscape are perfect for me,because this places has positive influence on me: these places allow me to relax, think and renew energies.

I do this routine once a month: take my bike, and I go to any peaceful park in the morning, because that's when I can I smell the grass, the sun is stronger and more silence. In those moments, I like to lie on the grass, feel the sun, listening to environmental sounds and then enjoy my favorite readings. I remember I read this way almost all the Harry Potter saga.

Often do this activity alone. I'm always surrounded by people, but sometimes I like to get away a little of everything. I do not mind the loneliness; I think there are times when it is needed. But not always been so.

Then I go home I helped prepare a meal, while listening to some James Brown. His songs always give me courage to cook, do not know why. And lunch with my family. In the afternoon, I like going out with someone with my musical tastes and likes doing lass same things as me, always my best friend or any of my friends from high school and go to a pub near our houses to see bands soul, jazz and blues.

This is my perfect day.

See ya!


Hello Bloggers:
I'm going to recommend somewhere of Santiago for "friend whe is foreign".
Well Santiago is the principal city of Chile, because of this, the firts place that a foreihner tourist should visit is a Historic center of this city and its around: Arm’s Place, where the tourist shoukld visit cathedral, mail store, museum Historic and Red House. Across this visit the tourist would know our history. Moreover, the tour shoukld continue in the Moneda Palace and after with travel all over Historic’s neighborhood Yungay, Brasil y Concha y toro. This areas are beatiful place that have pubs, coffes, restaurant, music, cultural areas, old and beatiful houses and parks with so much history as Place Brasil or Yungay (Plaza del Roto Chileno). So its street speak itself and every Sunday there are cultural’s event in this place. The neighborhood’s Lastarria, also, is a good opcion, for spent a moment relax in a nice place.
I recomemmend this places, because are my favouriotes of the Santiago.
Well, if the tourist want to eat, drink ot dance. The best opcion is the Central Market, where they can found a delicius food of sea and a good and tipical atmosphere. Also, for the bohemiam foreign Bellavista and Barrio Brasil, have a excellents locals, for dring something or dancing. Somewheres have free past for foreigners. But my fovourite local us Galpon Victor Jara in front of Place’s Brasil, because avery Friday there are a good bands for dancing or listing.
I hope your comment.
See ya in the FAU.

A shop you like

Hi Class!
The shop that I like is the fair “Persa Teniente Cruz” on Pudahuel. This place is situated in a large square with four passages in which you can find everything: from clothing of all styles and trends, different kinds music, construction tools, new and old books, office supplies, home accessories, items things collection for lovers of animé, classical music, ancient coins, stamps etc.
I like the Persa, because I found always what I want. When in anywhere I don't found my books, a exclusive shirt to good price or things of collection, for example, original thing of Harry Potter. Always are in the Persa. Also, I like, because this place is typical of Pudahuel, therefore, is a good example of appropriation of public space, where the people can walk, buy and enjoy in family safely.

I don’t remember exactly when I went for first time, but I know that I go there since I have use of reason. My first remember is when the persa was in San Francisco street - today is a square in front of San Francisco- and I went with my father on his shoulders and I ate ice cream of 100 pesos.

I go there least once month. Always that I go I buy, because of this, when I have time, I go to walk and I buy something. Also, sometimes I go with a specific purpose, for example, I bought a bottle for my next spot two weeks ago.
I think that I like this kind of shop, because I found my Books of History original and to good price and something that I need.
The Persa Teniente Cruz, Today is more famous than Persa Biobio. Also, this place only serves the public on Thursdays, Saturday and Sunday from 9 am until seven o'clock.

I recommend

See you.