martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

little game

Flaca and I. 1991

Hello class!
I remember when I was three and four years my life was perfect, because My sister wasn't born. Kidding. I say that my life was perfect, because I was living on a farm near to Santiago and here I had played all the day. I Had not specific favorite game. I liked all games, but the game that I remember most is to imagine that my yard was a jungle, there many trees and vegetation, and I explored.

The game was about to discover the jungle to look for flowers (When I was not allergic to pollen), insects ("Pigs of land" and snails, mainly) and climb everything up high. Also I remember that I climbed all trees and railinf of the site of my house.

At this time I was only child in my home. So I was alone. Because this, my playing partner was my dog, a Doberman than three years old I used as a horse of my adventure.As Tomy and Firulais with Rugrats. My Dog was called to "Flaca." I loved my dog, because we stayed together, we shared the sweets and took care of me. I think very often I had played this game. I could say I played every day once a day.

For my type of game that I think my mom thought I was a child rather than girl. This is not important for me, because this activity made me happy.
I hope your comments.


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  1. Your post is very cute ^^
    see you later

    ..Your post is in Spanish.. =P!!

  3. So sorry,It was in spanish because google chrome tool traslate, while i write in edit post of my blog, this tools traslated all to spanish ...=(.

    Now is ok!!!1

  4. Why do you no spoke about your bike?

  5. OHHHH...
    your Dog is just like you...jajjaja
    is very cute

    see you!!