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The greatest Chilean of all time

Hi classmates!

In this oportunity I’m going to talk about the greatest Chilean of all time for me. She is the woman of the picture funny: Ester Huneeus Salas de Claro, but she’s well-known as Marcela Paz.

Marcela Paz is a woman writen chilean and she is recognize as a great writen of children’s story for his job on Papelucho. There aren’t nobody that unlike the stories of Papelucho and his madness of kid.

The person’s deeds are important because She achieved to capture the children’s attention, which is the public most difficult for writin, because you must understand the kid’s sicology, his language, his adventure and fantasies.

Marcela unfortunately died on June 12, 1985. However, if for some strange and fantastic reason I would known her I would ask her if she wished to escape his wealthy home, because you should know that Marcela Paz, had a lonely childhood and was in her imagination where she took refuge. In this situation she created Papelucho.

She was living in the Gran Palace Building in center of Santiago. In this building today there are gallery of stores and a Cinema. All building was her house!

Her lifelong activity was literature. her first book, "Time, paper and pencil", wrote in 1933. Signed with the pseudonym of Marcela Paz, next year she published I Colorina , work that won her " the Turf Club Santiago awards". He also collaborated in the magazines and Zig-Zag Peneca.

In 1947 she won the Publishers Rapa Nui with her creation most popular, Papelucho, widely known in Chile, especially by children, and other countries thanks to the numerous translations of his work.

I believe that This Chilean is important for our culture.

See you.

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