domingo, 16 de mayo de 2010

Field Trip to Pichilemu

source: Vanessa Garrido's Facebook , 2010

Hi everybody!
As we know, we had field trip to Pichilemu the last week in the course of integrated coastal zone management.
My work group is composed of fourteen girls, who are dedicated to cover the social and cultural Pichilemu diagnosis. In our field trip, collect information about the identity of the activities taking place in Pichilemu and their impact on the territory.
We visited Punta de Lobos "," Los ciruelos"," Pañul , downtown of Pichilemu and "Cahuil" where we interviewed people who lived there, the record and take pictures of places. This part was the most interesting of the field trip to Pichilemu, because we visited many places and met many people, and my team was very nice, so we really enjoyed the field.
The most interesting thing was that I learned that within the same community there are many realities of identity that are influenced by the geographical environment.
Pichilemu is a beautiful place, but I wouldn't live there, because I don't love the sea, I mean, I do not like to see the sea all day, I like only spend a short time . I prefer to live in the mountains or beside a lake.
It is my opinion.-
See ya in the Fau.


Hello classmates! I'm going to talk to about of Paz’s blog.
My first impression of this blog was that a blog was simple and rude, because it has a deep red colour and a very particular first image. I like your blog, because it is a very interesting and it caught my attention the Akane’s image with the title of "Lazy eye".
In total, there are eight posts; each of these has an image. The simple design of the blog is bright red, with the contact list on the right side and left publications and a picture blog top centre of the protagonist of a Japanese animation series called Ranma 1 / 2.
It strikes me that have almost no comments from the rest of my teammates, because I think its interesting comment on this blog.
I hope we visit more often Paz’s blog
See ya in the fau.

miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010

review Paz's Blog

The computer.

About tecnology...I can say every element of technology is so usefull, because they have became people (P) life so much more easy ( WW ), for example the washing machine, we just have to put (WW) a boton ( SP) and our clothes will be clean, the machine to make rice in 15 minutos(WW)without do anything, that is something very positive for people like me, who does not cook. =)
there is (WF) so many things that we didn't even realice(SP) (v), and they make our life so much more comfortable, anyway..(p) I think my favourite tecnological (SP) element is the computer, because is complete(v)…you can talk with people, download and listen music, look for photos, information, paint, and many others activities. also (SP) you can learn english (P)watching series and movies. its (SP)so cool!...but the computer has negative things (P)too, because there is bad people in the red, they send you virus and there are bad men who talk to little girls to abuse of (Ǿ)them, but if we are careful everything is ok!