martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

Ideal Job

Hi Classmates!
Today I’m going to talk about my ideal job.
If I could choose any job, I would choose History’s Teacher, because The history is very insteresrting for me. Therefore, this it most easy for teach to others for me and I like this two areas.

I would enjoy this job : First, because before I have worked as Teacher of History, and this experience was fantastic. Second, I like talk so much about History and third I feel that I have vocation for to teach. In fact, Since I was young –twelve years old- I helped a groups of students stay after school for extra classes in something, because they was having difficulties in that subject or are lagging behind for some reason, for recomedation of my teacher. This it, I had fun.

Teach would it be a satisfying job to do for me, because I would can to be that I want to do. This it is to transmit my knowledge in History and Now as Geographer to new generations, and show them the reallity of our society of a different form and with this Children can to out of school with a opinion, that Today all estudents haven’t. If I could obtain this it, I have been satisfactory for me.

I known several History’s Teacher who are a excellents profesionals with vocation, because of this, my education in this discipline was very good and I end love to History.

I know that the teachers haven’t a good salary, but this Isn’t important for me, while I do that I like.
See you.

3 comentarios:

  1. I think you can be a good teacher of history, keep going with that idea.

  2. All we desired to be a teacher...!!! Good job, perhaps you must be a teacher of geography..XD!

    See Ya!