martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

perfect day.

Hello Classmates.

My first idea, was the same that Estefa: that my favourite( band Red Hot Chili Peppers ) come to Chile and play all my favourites songs. But isn't original

I've lived my perfect day. I like the open places, very green and the sunshine days !. So a big park with big trees or field with a beautiful landscape are perfect for me,because this places has positive influence on me: these places allow me to relax, think and renew energies.

I do this routine once a month: take my bike, and I go to any peaceful park in the morning, because that's when I can I smell the grass, the sun is stronger and more silence. In those moments, I like to lie on the grass, feel the sun, listening to environmental sounds and then enjoy my favorite readings. I remember I read this way almost all the Harry Potter saga.

Often do this activity alone. I'm always surrounded by people, but sometimes I like to get away a little of everything. I do not mind the loneliness; I think there are times when it is needed. But not always been so.

Then I go home I helped prepare a meal, while listening to some James Brown. His songs always give me courage to cook, do not know why. And lunch with my family. In the afternoon, I like going out with someone with my musical tastes and likes doing lass same things as me, always my best friend or any of my friends from high school and go to a pub near our houses to see bands soul, jazz and blues.

This is my perfect day.

See ya!

4 comentarios:

  1. Patii i cant see your perfect day! your blog is very psyshedelic ( and prety)

  2. an empty perfect day? that is an open door to million of possibilities! nice!

  3. Wow! I know lots of people who love dancing to James Brown but you're the first I've heard of who likes cooking to him!

  4. i like the red hot chili pepper band also