martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

Famous Person

Hi class
I would like to meet to Rowling or JK Rowling, because I love her Harry Potter’s Saga. In fact, when I had ten years old I read out for a sense of duty of the school always, but thanks to JK, I started reading for my own accord. In addition the life story of this woman writer is very interesting, because she was an unemployed teacher, divorced with a baby that in a train’s travel from Manchester up to London in 1990, she had the idea the story about an orphan boy who had magical powers and went to a school of magic.
Before to speak with Jo, is most probably that I ask her to autograph my favorite book: Harry Potter and the Deathly of Hallows, although this hear loser. Well, if I would meet to Jk, I would like to talk with her about how she had all this ideas for to make an attractive story. Obviously, she had for her studies known the literature, mythology and Celtic, but I I would like to know the process that she had to build an entire world. Also, I would ask her about what she feels when she sold to Warner Brothers her characters and what kind the book going to write now.
I think meeting with Rowling would be interesting, because I’m fans of her creation and I interest so much her capacity for to create a world different that it can to entertain children as adults, because across her story she gets you out of reality for a moment. This isn’t easy.

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  1. Oh my god!!... I REALLY NEED SEE TEH 7 MOVIE!!!! xD

    Kiss Paty!!!

  2. Hi Patty, i think that this woman is very interesting, because she is a successful writer... Good choice

  3. I imagined, you are a big fans of Harry Potter, but I prefer Tolkien!...sorry! jakajka!!!

    See ya!